Planning a budget for a Programmatic ABM campaign? This calculator shows you how.

Planning an account based marketing campaign can be challenging. How much should you spend? What CPM should you use? How many impressions should you buy per account? These questions can slow down any well intentioned B2B marketer.

ABM Ad Budget Calculator

Generally speaking, ListenLoop recommends buying approximately 1,000 - 3,000 impressions per account so you achieve maximum influence per campaign or creative.

With ListenLoop's industry-leading match rate (~70%), you can expect a list of 400 target account will result in 280 accounts receiving impressions. At 1,000 impressions per account, you would need to buy 280,000 impressions.

ListenLoop's bidding engine will optimize for max impression volume on your target accounts and job titles, with an average eCPM of $22.12. But you're always in control. Simply input a specific CPM ceiling to control your budget.

And don't forget your desired ABM campaign period. B2B display is rarely a direct response channel, which means that you need to expose your buyers to ABM over 3-6 months to incept your messaging into their minds.


Programmatic ABM Spend Calculator

Input your campaign info below to get a sample calculation of your ABM spend.

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