Our Mission

At ListenLoop, we believe in the power of account-based marketing. But often ABM strategies are too difficult and expensive to orchestrate. That's why we built Listenloop: account-based advertising so easy, you can launch effective campaigns in minutes.


ListenLoop combines retargeting and account-based marketing in a B2B Advertising platform. Input your target accounts, associate ads, and ListenLoop delivers targeted ads to those accounts. On the retargeting side, ListenLoop tracks visitors on a client website and assign scores to visitors based on their website behaviors. If a visitor’s score crosses a threshold, they are retargeted with a series of personalized display ads.

ListenLoop empowers marketers who want to capture a new breed of B2B buyers that are elusive, informed, impatient, and savvy to email marketing. Buyers want relevant information – right away – without the obligation and pressure of speaking to a salesperson. Marketers want to communicate with prospects and leads, nurturing those that are not sales ready while navigating hot opportunities to sales.


Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO @ ListenLoop

Rodrigo Fuentes

Co-founder & CEO

Rodrigo is an engineer, entrepreneur, and IP lawyer. He has led SaaS and eCommerce companies since 2009. In his former life as an IP lawyer, Rodrigo litigated patent lawsuits on behalf of e-commerce and financial services companies at Fish & Richardson, the #1 IP Law firm in the U.S. He loves data analysis, and his friends often chuckle at his overuse of Excel and data-mining software.

Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO @ ListenLoop

Sandeep Arneja

Co-founder & CTO

Sandeep is an entrepreneurial technologist, full-stack developer who has worked at Salesforce, UBS Wealth Management and Assistly. At SalesForce, he worked on mobile apps using Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Ruby on Rails. Before that, he earned his Javascript blackbelt at UBS Wealth Management. He’s passionate about turning ideas into products.

Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO @ ListenLoop

Saurav Dhar

Full-Stack Developer

Saurav is a full-stack developer focusing on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. Determined to immerse himself in tech startups, Saurav is eager to bring talent, knowledge and experiences together, to develop and translate great ideas into great code and end products. He's also a kebab connoisseur in the Jackson Heights area.


Tikhon Bernstam

Tikhon Bernstam

Founder/CEO of @Parse (acquired by FB for $85M). Founder @Scribd. Angel Investor - Cruise (exit 1B+), Reddit, Tilt, Lendup, Gusto, Checkr, Optimizely, 70+ more

Draper Associates logo

Draper Associates

Led by Tim Draper and Billy Draper, Draper Associates is a seed-stage venture capital firm that encourages entrepreneurs to drive their businesses to greatness.

Soma Capital logo

SOMA Capital

Soma is a fund built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with a focus on software. Its advisors have built and invested in multi-billion dollar software companies.

Tikhon Bernstam

Amino Capital

Early stage venture fund investing in over 80 seed, series A, B companies. Investment interests include areas of mobile, game, internet, security, big data and healthcare IT.

Soma Capital logo

Boost VC

Startup accelerator focused on future technology. Twice a year they invest in 20+ companies to live & work in San Mateo, CA for 3 months and join the Boost VC family.

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Angel Investors

We enjoy the support of many strategic investors, including Adam Draper, Bill Draper, Michael Beller, Peter Marreck, Matt Jennison, I/O Capital, Zillionize, and EvolveTech Ventures.