Keep Your Campaigns Brand Safe

It’s important to control your brand and messaging. That's why ListenLoop gives you transparency and control over ABM inventory with three key features: categorical exclusions, proactive block lists, and reactive block lists.

Safe & Effective Software ABM Ops

Picking Key Accounts

ListenLoop, like Terminus and Demandbase, protects your campaigns using best-in-class data vendors, such as DoubleVerify, Peer39, Grapeshot, and more.

Don't waste money on account managers to perform ABM ops, like periodically monitoring and configuring campaigns. Instead, use ListenLoop's software ABM ops to continously identify irregulatories, fraudulent websites, and bots.

Each data vendor provides pre-bid domain exclusions and/or audience data sets that ListenLoop uses to automatically exclude pornographic content, explicit websites, fraudulent sites, and non-human traffic from your campaigns.

Picking Key Accounts

Categorical Exclusions

Remove categories of domains where you do not want your Programmatic ABM served.

Picking Key Accounts

Proactive Blocking

Upload your own list of domains and apps you want to block.

Picking Key Accounts

Reactive Blocking

Review your campaigns' impressions logs and block domains accordingly.

Control Campaigns with Categorical Exclusions

Sensitive brand? Lack your own blacklist? Have no fear. ListenLoop offers categorical exclusions so you prevent your Programmatic ABM from appearing next to questionable content.

Use ListenLoop's Categorical Exclusions feature to block entire categories of domains using pre-bid domain filters regularly maintained by data vendors, such as DoubleVerify, Peer39, Grapeshot, and more.

Bring Your Own Blacklist

Enable proactive blocking before your campaigns start by copy-pasting your own list of domains and apps into ListenLoop's UI.

It's simple to avoid displaying your ABM using ListenLoop's proactive domain blocking. Clients that have deep experience with ABM exchanges typically bring their own blacklists. But if that's not you, we can help you setup brand safe campaigns using categorical exclusions.

Inventory Transparency & Reactive Blocking

ListenLoop is the only Programmatic ABM software that provides transparency into your campaigns, showing you which publishers and domains are displaying your campaigns. From there, you can selectively block any inventory sources you don't like.

We believe in giving you visibility and control over your campaigns. This is why ListenLoop provides you with impression and click logs, so you can audit and adjust your ABM campaigns accordingly.

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