Compare ListenLoop vs. Terminus

Both ListenLoop and Terminus use commoditized, open-source technology to deliver ads. We both leverage the same or similar ad exchanges, targeting, and fraud/bot/brand protection.

So what's the real difference between ListenLoop and Terminus? Market positioning.

ListenLoop makes low-risk, self-serve software that’s unbundled from pricey account managers in a monthly subscription. Terminus bundles software and account reps for $12k to $36k in an annual contract.


Contract Length

Monthly Subscription

ListenLoop's low-risk ABM platform is sold as month-to-month SaaS. Pay for what you use, when you use it, so you can stay nimble with your marketing plan.

Annual Contract

Terminus sells a yearly license – that you pay even when you're not advertising. What if you need to stop advertising for a quarter or change strategies mid-year? Ouch.


Starting at $99 per month
+ Your Ad Budget

ListenLoop's self-serve product is transparently priced based on your usage, starting at $0.99 per month per account targeted. Volume-based pricing gives you lower platform fees as you target more accounts.

Starting at $12,000 per year
+ Your Ad Budget

While Terminus ABM pricing is not published, buyer feedback suggests that pricing ranges from $12k - $36k per year depending on which features you get, plus your ad budget.

Account Management

Totally Optional

ListenLoop was designed with simplicity & self-service in mind. And while we don't believe you need account management to orchestrate powerful ABM campaigns, we recognize that some clients prefer a dedicated account manager for $999/mo.

Bundled & Required

Terminus' contract bundles one or more account reps. They are pitched as "ad ops experts" who help optimize campaigns by tweaking this or that in a third-party system. We think that's unnecessary. ListenLoop software automates the optimization process for you.

Agency Relationships

Bring Your Own Agency!

Clients can leverage their own marketing agency to help them execute and manage ListenLoop campaigns as part of an overall strategy. This is great for clients because agencies act as well-informed account managers.

Hard to Justify Agency

Some clients with extraordinary budgets can pay for an agency and Terminus' bundled account managers. But buyer feedback indicates that it's difficult to justify both given their overlapping duties and high prices.

Ad Units

Image & HTML5 Ads

ListenLoop supports standard banner ads, such as images and animated GIFs. Additionally, we support HTML5 ad tags, so you can upload dynamic creative or use your own ad server for tracking impressions (e.g., Sizmek).

Image Ads Only

Buyer feedback indicates that Terminus supports image-based ads only. Plus, they don't have ads personalized to each account.

Website Personalization

Custom Web Content for Each Account Targeted

Boost engagement and ROI by showing unique content for each account visiting your website – personalizing text, images, and buttons.

No Personalization

Terminus does not offer website personalization.


Inventory Transparency

ListenLoop gives you visibility and control over your ads, showing you where each ad was delivered. Use this information to audit and optimize your campaigns.

No Impression Auditing

Buyer feedback indicates that Terminus' UI does not show where your ads were displayed.

Targeting Technology

Cookie & IP Targeting

ListenLoop pioneered a scalable triangulation method that combines geo-location, IP address, and cookie audiences to target companies with ABM ads.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus also uses cookies and IP addresses to target accounts.

Brand Safety

Protecting Your Brand

ListenLoop protects your ad campaigns from fraud, bots, and unsavory sites with three key features: (1) categorical exclusions, (2) proactive block lists, and (3) reactive block lists.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus and ListenLoop use the same or similar data vendors – such as DoubleVerify, Peer39, Integral Ad Science, among others – to protect campaigns from bad sites, fraud, and bots.

Match Rate

~85% Match Rate in USA

Leveraging its triangulation method, ListenLoop can reach approximately 85% of accounts in North America with 50+ employees. ListenLoop can reach accounts in EMEA with 30% match rates.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus offers similar match rates in North America but does not target outside the USA.

Job Title Targeting

Target Titles & Seniority

ListenLoop uses cookie segments from data vendors –– such as Oracle Data Cloud, Dun & Bradstreet, Bombora, and dozens more –– to deliver your ads to key job title holders.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus uses the same or similar data vendors to target job title and seniority designations.

Salesforce® Integration

Push & Pull Integration

ListenLoop's integration with Salesforce® pulls account lists based on criteria or custom fields in your CRM. ListenLoop also pushes account-level reporting to your CRM so you can build reports that show pipeline revenue influenced by ads.

Similar to ListenLoop

By pulling data from Salesforce®, you can make an account list in the Terminus UI. But buyer feedback indicates that Terminus' approach limits criteria available, such as custom fields, to build target account lists.

Inventory Reach

Reach > 90% of the Internet

ListenLoop can deliver your ads to more than 2,000,000 websites and 650,000 mobile apps, reaching over 90% of the Internet. This tremendous reach is possible due to integrations with top advertising exchanges, such as Google AdX and many others.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus uses the same or similar ad exchanges, so their reach is virtually identical. Some of their more aggressive sales reps may try to scare you into a contract by claiming that ListenLoop's ad inventory is inferior to theirs. Hogwash!

B2B Marketing Attribution

View-through Attribution

Measure true ROI by connecting ABM ads to revenue with ListenLoop's tracking pixel. Record account engagement using reverse-IP technology and ListenLoop's triangulation method.

Similar to ListenLoop

Terminus offers similar view-through attribution technology.

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