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Try our no-code solution that automatically sparks relevant conversations with customers in your app.

Agile Customer Conversations

Try our no-code solution that automatically sparks relevant conversations with customers in your app.

Let’s stay in touch.

Awesome, customer-centric businesses trust ListenLoop. You should, too.


Metrics are great, but sometimes you just got to know why.

Upon adding our Javascript to your application, you can design and trigger in-app questions without draining your company’s engineering resources.

Reasons why you need ListenLoop

Learn – right now – what people really think about your product

  • Reach out to certain segments of users to understand why they do what they do.

  • Determine how satisfied customers are with new or existing features

  • Conduct deprecation studies and purchase/cancellation interviews

No-code solution.

So easy, your grandma can do it.

  • Enter your website’s URL to view your application on our visual inspector.

  • Right-click wherever you want inside the visual inspector to trigger a conversation.

  • Drag-and-drop multiple choice, open-ended, referral score questions and more

Control when, to whom, and how often you initiate conversations

  • Enable many simultaneous conversations and set Global Rules to show only one conversation per month

  • Limit the percentage of traffic that is eligible to see a conversation

  • Qualify users before you start a conversation.

  • Using segmentation rules, show different conversations to different customers

ListenLoop enables Andy from Jamplify to hear from his customers

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Our customers love us!


VP of Engineering, WorkMarket

“With ListenLoop, we’re now able to get real-time feedback from our customers. That’s helped us empathize with our customers to develop better products for them.”


CEO at Jamplify

“For me as the CEO, to be able to make really quick decisions is really, really important. ListenLoop make decisions based on actual information from data instead of assumptions.”


Co-founder at Try The World

“ListenLoop is really unique because it gives me, as a business owner, the ability to listen to my customers at scale and in real-time. And it was super-easy to use.”