Compare ListenLoop & Terminus ABM Ads

Wondering who competes with ListenLoop's ABM advertising solution? Terminus is the closest competitor, and below you'll learn why ListenLoop is better positioned to help you succeed.

We know you have (too many) options when it comes to choosing ABM tools. That's why we strive to build the most powerful yet easy-to-use advertising solution for account-based marketing.

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Common Questions About
Comparing ListenLoop vs. Terminus

What's the difference between ListenLoop's Triangulation Method™ and IP targeting?

IP targeting relies on knowing a target account's IP address, then placing a bid for advertising only when a visitor to a publisher (e.g., matches that IP address. In contrast, ListenLoop's Triangulation Method™ uses first-party cookies, third-party cookies, and geo-location data to identify your target accounts.

Relying on IP addresses to identify accounts can result in low match rates (as low as 32%) because most companies do not use static IP-blocks. Indeed, look at your marketing automation system's "visitor logs" and you'll note that most visitors to your site are identified as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Spectrum, Verizon, Charter, and so on.

Why is the match rate relevant to my campaign?

Suppose you want to influence 300 accounts in your ABM campaign. So you upload your list only to find that your ads will only reach 100 accounts. It's disappointing and changes the calculus of how much effort you would have put into the campaign had you known that such few companies would be affected.

Will my prospects see my ads when they're on their mobile device at work?

Device targeting is minimal to non-existent in IP Targeting because your prospects may be connected via their mobile data plan, which means they're not connected through the target account's IP address. As a result, you're missing an opportunity to influence your target prospects on mobile, which is quickly becoming the preferred browsing method (mobile surpasses desktop web visits as of Nov. 2016 and 49 percent of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for research do so while at work"). In contrast, ListenLoop's Triangulation Method™ can reach devices at target accounts using first-party data, cross-device data, and geo-location data.

Does ListenLoop require an annual contract to lock-in clients like Terminus?

No! All of our ABM Self-Serve accounts are month-to-month. We believe that ABM advertising is a new tactic for most marketers, and thus they're interested in dipping their toes in the water before jumping into an annual commitment.

How much does it cost to target 100 accounts?

ListenLoop charges a software platform fee of $99/mo to target 100 accounts. Any "overages" are charged at $0.99 per account and volume discounts are available. In contrast, based on interviews with former Terminus clients, we understand that Terminus charges a minimum of $12,000 - $36,000 a year to use their software.

What kind of ads can I upload into ListenLoop vs Terminus?

ListenLoop allows you to upload images (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) and HTMl5 ad units. For instance, you can build animated ad units using the Google Web Designer product and upload those ads into ListenLoop. Not so with Terminus, which permits image ads only.

What kind of personalization do ListenLoop and Terminus support?

ListenLoop enables you to deliver personalized ABM ads at scale by injecting target account logos into your ads to maximize engagement. To our knowledge, Terminus does not support account-specific personalization.

What is the difference between ListenLoop's and Terminus' Salesforce integrations?

Terminus offers a Salesforce integration that pulls data from the CRM to build target lists. But Terminus' integration appears to be unidirectional and does not send data to your CRM. This is an important distinction because ListenLoop offers a bidirectional sync to pull and send data, which enables powerful reporting within your Salesforce dashboards.

Furthermore, with ListenLoop's Salesforce integration, you can build campaigns based on your Account View Lists inside of your Salesforce CRM to take advantage of your account stages, scores, and statuses. Better still, ListenLoop stays in sync with your Salesforce lists: targeting and un-targeting accounts as the move in and out of your lists.

How do I compare ListenLoop's drip campaigns to Terminus campaigns?

ListenLoop enables you to setup fully automated drip campaigns based on your Salesforce CRM. For instance, create lists in Salesforce®, like "Unengaged Accounts", "Marketing Qualified Account (MQA)", and "Sales Qualified Account (SQA)". Then create three ListenLoop campaigns linked to those lists. For each campaign, use ads with appropriate messaging given an account's stage.

Can I target job titles in ListenLoop or Terminus?

Clients who have switched from Terminus to ListenLoop often praise our ability to target job titles. Based on those client interviews, it is our understanding that Terminus permits "department" targeting to some extent.