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Just pick key accounts, choose job titles, and launch your campaign.

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Picking Key Accounts

Pick Key Accounts

Upload target accounts in a CSV or use your Salesforce® to pick accounts.

Picking Key Accounts

Select Job titles

Choose from our various lists of jobs titles so you can target all marketing efforts.

Picking Key Accounts

Manage Campaigns

Review your campaign and click launch. It's really that simple.

Launch Programmatic ABM Campaigns In Minutes

Account-based marketing is powerful, but ABM strategies are often difficult and expensive to orchestrate. That's why we built Listenloop: programmatic ABM so easy, you can launch campaigns in minutes. Launch your first campaign today and pay no software fees for 14 days.

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Engage Early

Deliver ABM to your strategic accounts – make them know your brand before they start their research

Warm-up Target Accounts

Deliver ABM to selected accounts in advance of your phone or email outreach

Focus on Great Accounts

Spend resources on accounts that deliver better conversion rates, deal size, and strategic value

Stay Top of Mind

Ensure your brand outshines the competition throughout the sales cycle with mid-funnel nurturing campaigns for key accounts

Align Sales & Marketing

Get your next high five from sales when your targeted ABM campaign helps them book a meeting with a hard-to-get account

90-second Overview

We've made the easiest programmatic ABM platform to complement your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Watch how you can go from 0 to launched campaign in 90 seconds.


ListenLoop gives you unprecedented power and precision to deliver to the accounts you desire most with just a few steps.

It all starts with account selection, so upload your key accounts or use your Salesforce® to pick your targets. Upload your own creatives, or use ListenLoop's template library. After setting an ABM budget per target account, review your campaign and click launch!

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Hit your funnel goals with Programmatic ABM

Reach target accounts with proactive creatives to influence their buyer research before your competitors.

Influence stakeholders at key accounts before they come to your website with our targeted account-based marketing. Just give us your account list, ad units, and we'll take care of the rest. Then nurture leads with dynamic, relevant creatives that guide buyers down your funnel.

ABM and web content personalized to each Account. How is that not a part of your ABM strategy?

Upload your own creative for each account segment. Or use ListenLoop's pre-roll personalization technology to automatically change the content per account.

Take CRM properties and automatically change text in each creative to create a personalized experience for each recipient.

Don't have them? Don't have time to create your own? That's OK, we'll make your first set free of charge for qualifying customers.

Setup ABM Drip Campaigns to Influence Accounts Over Time

Nurture target accounts with a series of creatives delivered over the course of days or months with ListenLoop's ABM Sequencer.

Account-based marketing is a long-game, and so you need to nurture decision-makers, influencers, and other stakeholders over a period of time.

With drip campaigns, you'll keep your campaign fresh, which prevents your buyer from getting bored while reducing banner blindness.

Bring Smiles to Sales & Management Teams

ListenLoop's account-level reporting measures impact on target accounts in your Salesforce®.

ListenLoop will show you impressions per account, account engagement as a result of ABM, and more.

See more engagement on your website and emails as a result of ABM exposure. Then track that success across accounts to optimize your ABM strategy.

DiscoverOrg and ListenLoop ABM Playbook

The ABM Playbook

No fluff, just good stuff. DiscoverOrg and ListenLoop co-authored the definitive playbook to nailing your account-based marketing strategy.

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ListenLoop and Act-On Webinar on Nurturing Your Audience Across Digital Channels

Nurturing Your Audience Across Digital Channels

Act-On and ListenLoop teamed up for a webinar, discussing how to nurture leads across digital channels, such as email and advertising for maximal ABM success.

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B2B Buying Has Evolved. How Are You Adapting?

B2B Buying Has Evolved. How Are You Adapting?

This white paper teaches you how B2B buyers have changed in the last few years, and why you need to adapt your display ABM strategy to remain successful.

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Case Study: DiscoverOrg boosts conversion rate by 76% and earns $4.2M more revenue

DiscoverOrg boosts conversion rate by 76% and earns $4.2M more revenue

Read this case study to learn how DiscoverOrg used ListenLoop's programmatic ABM technology to nurture and convert prospects into customers.

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Case Study: Modulo uses ListenLoop to increase their sales cycle velocity

Modulo uses ListenLoop to increase their sales cycle velocity

Learn how ListenLoop helped Modulo’s marketing team deliver a 19% lift in visitor-to-win conversation rate and a 37% increase in sales velocity.

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The ABM Ad Spend Budget Calculator

ABM Spend Budget Calculator

Planning how much to spend in programmatic ABM can be a pain. No more with ListenLoop'sABM spend calculator budget planning tool. Input your number of target accounts, desired impressions per account, max eCPM, and campaign length. The calculator will return a target monthly budget.

ABM Spend Calculator

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Case Study: Modulo uses ListenLoop to increase their sales cycle velocity

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