Customer Testimonials

Henry Schuck, CEO @ DiscoverOrg

Henry Schuck

CEO, DiscoverOrg

“B2C companies have been doing personalized retargeting for a while now ... but no one has brought that power to the B2B world – ListenLoop is doing that and doing that in an amazing way. We are huge advocates for the platform and have increased conversion rates significantly since deploying it.”

Portia Mills, Dir. of Marketing @ Modulo

Portia Mills

Director of Marketing, Modulo

“Mirroring our email and website marketing with personalized display ads was an effective way to increase the velocity of our sale cycle.”

Matt Trifiro, SVP Marketing @ Mesosphere

Matt Trifiro

SVP of Marketing, Mesosphere

“ListenLoop has built a unique platform for opening conversations with customers and prospects . . . that's pretty killer.”

Fara Hain, VP Corporate Marketing @ Zerto

Fara Hain

VP Corporate Marketing, Zerto

"Listenloop works! We're using it to warm up target accounts, and we have seen specific accounts bubble up in engagement (even if they are not filling out forms) that we have been able to connect with because the ads on Listenloop created awareness."

Diego Lomanto, CMO @ Talent

Diego Lomanto

CMO, Talent Inc.

“ListenLoop's marketing platform is an ingenius way to boost leads via display advertising.”

Shirleen Solares, Marketing Operations Manager @ RightScale

Shirleen Solares

Marketing Operations Manager, RightScale

"Listenloop has been a great addition to our marketing tech stack for it's easy to use platform and great customer support. It is a critical component of our ABM strategy, and has proved to generate awareness and engagement across the accounts that really matter to us."

Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing @ Engagio

Charlie Liang

Director of Marketing, Engagio

"We've had great results with ListenLoop at Engagio, seeing over a 20% lift in engagement at target accounts we're advertising to. ListenLoop is very easy to get up and running, has a good integration back to Salesforce, and their targeting options are very intuitive. The best part is that they're month-to-month, so you can turn campaigns on and off to adjust for seasonality/events."

Dillon Wilson, Director of Marketing @ Gloo

Dillon Wilson

Director of Marketing, Gloo

"Listenloop allowed us to quickly and effectively introduce paid media to our Inbound+ABM strategy. Their platform made it easy to get in front of hard to reach accounts that are difficult to target on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn."