ABM Website Personalization

Deliver unique content for each account that visits your website to boost engagement and ROI. Extend your Programmatic ABM by launching an integrated combo campaign.

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Setup your web personalization campaign in 3 steps: (1) add the ListenLoop JS tag, (2) create unique content per account in a spreadsheet, and (3) identify parts of your website you want to customize.

Then follow the ListenLoop workflow to launch your campaign. Simply upload your spreadsheet, tell us which pages you want to personalize, and preview your campaign before you go live.

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Roll out the red carpet for target accounts

Show unique content for each account on your website – personalizing text, images, and buttons – to boost engagement and ROI.

We noticed that clients who built micro-sites and landing pages per account performed better than clients who did not. But few B2B marketers have the time and resources for this. ListenLoop added website personalization to its ABM platform so you could easily and quickly show unique content on your website per account.

Simple & Scalable Setup Means You'll Actually Launch Campaigns

By leveraging spreadsheets-as-the-input, ListenLoop gives you a simple way to create and scale-up content for each account.

Create a list of accounts from Salesforce, open that list in a spreadsheet, and write custom content for each account. Use spreadsheet formulas to easily incorporate account names, domains, and other data from your CRM or list-builder, like DiscoverOrg, Datanyze, or Clearbit.

Measure Personalization Using Account-Level Engagement Analytics

Monitor page views and conversions per account as they engage with your website and personalized content.

Using ListenLoop's tracking pixel, you can measure engagement per account using reverse-IP technology and ListenLoop's cookie triangulation method.

Integrate Programmatic ABM and Website Personalization

Combine the power of omni-channel ABM marketing in one campaign that's easy to setup and measure

Using a single list of target accounts, you can simultaneously launch a web personalization and ad campaign in minutes. Engage your target accounts while they browse the web, then entice them with unique content when they come to your landing pages. Boost engagement and pipeline using multiple channels to influence your buyers.

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